January 2, 2008

The Armchair Traveler Reading Challenge Summary

This really is hardly worth the time to post, but it goes against my nature to leave things incomplete.

I had such good intentions of reading everything on my original list, but only managed to read TWO of the TEN chosen. Sigh. I need to learn to get by on less sleep so I can read more.

Thank you, Lesley, for hosting the challenge. I guess I wound up having so much fun on my real vacations this year that I didn't need to escape via your Armchair challenge. Maybe next year?

Original List:

True North: Exploring the Great Canadian Wilderness by Bush Plane by George Erickson

A Walk in the Woods: Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail by Bill Bryson

The Big House: A Century in the Life of an American Summer House by George Howe Colt

A Garden in Lucca: Finding Paradise in Tuscany by Paul Gervais

On Rue Tatin: Living and Cooking in a French Town by Susan Herrmann Loomis

The Hills of Tuscany: A New Life in an Old Land by Ferenc Máté

French Lessons: Adventures with Knife, Fork and Corkscrew by Peter Mayle

Under the Tuscan Sun: At Home in Italy by Frances Mayes

Bella Tuscany: The Sweet Life in Italy by Frances Mayes

Travels with Charley: In Search of America by John Steinbeck

Completed books (click on title to read my review):

A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson (3.5/5)

On Rue Tatin: Living and Cooking in a French Town by Susan Herrmann Loomis (4.5/5)

Best book(s) I read for the challenge:

That's easy. On Rue Tatin. I so want to go to France now!

Books I could've done without:

Well, I enjoyed the Bryson book, but I didn't love it. Probably wouldn't have been the end of the world if I had never read it.

Any new authors? Will I read them again?

I've only listened to Bryson on audio, so I'd consider both of these authors as new-to-me. In spite of the mediocre reaction to the Bryson book, I'd be willing to read more by him. And, I'd definitely read more by Loomis. Even her cookbooks!

Best thing about the challenge? What did I learn?

Bottom line? I learned that I like to make lists. ;)


  1. hee hee - me too. I'm not sure which is more fun - making the lists or reading the books.

  2. Well I really must say I love the fact that you rate the books you've read. Seriously it leans me more to what I want to read or not.
    A book I received for Christmas that I could not put down and that I personally rate 4.5/5 is called The GoGiver
    It's a little story about a business idea!
    Hope to hear back from you. I will have to frequent your site in the future. So much great reads...
    All the best in '08

  3. LOL! I like making lists, too, but not book lists, for some reason! I don't get that. I live by my do-list.

    Glad you're not giving up on Bryson. I don't think A Walk in the Woods is his best, personally, but that's just me. :)

  4. SuziQ - The lists are fun, but they're also a great incentive to work my way through my toppling stacks. :)

    Chrissy - I'll have to check that book out. Thanks for the heads-up. And thanks for stopping by.

    Nancy - I'm a list-maker by nature. I make multiple To Do lists, book lists, library lists, grocery lists, etc., etc. I wonder what type of person doesn't make lists?!

    Nah, I'll give Bryson another try. Actually, I have his memoir in my stacks and plan to read it for the What's In A Name Challenge.

  5. That's true, you got to do so much real traveling. I would definitely prefer that to the armchair variety.

    And I'm with you on the lists - I think that's why I enjoy signing up for all these challenges!

  6. Lesley - Well, if only I could combine the travel with reading. Then I'd be set!


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