January 3, 2008

The Sci-Fi Experience 2008

Well, so much for that New Year's resolution. I wasn't going to join any challenges this year, but after reading about Carl's Sci-Fi Experience 2008, I decided what the heck. And after all, it's not really a challenge; just another excuse to make a list of potential reads for the year.

Here are the details from Carl's post:

This is an experience that I want to share with you. An experience, not a challenge. And while in some ways the difference between the two may be mere semantics, the intent is very, very different. There are some fantastic reading challenges on the horizon for 2008. In addition to a second round of the Once Upon a Time Challenge and R.I.P.’s third year, there are many other fantastic reading challenges that I will be participating in and talking about. I don’t want to muddy the waters at this time with another challenge nor do I want to do anything that would in some way cause people to feel that they have to participate out of a sense of loyalty or obligation.

I am asking you to read science fiction and to share your reading with us. There are no challenge goals involved. You can read one book or spend the next two months buried in science fiction. I also have a very broad definition of science fiction, and thus you need not fear that you have to pick up a book steeped in scientific mumbo-jumbo. It is up to you. No pressure, no obligations, just a chance at an experience!

So, here's my list:

I Am Legend by Richard Matheson

Time and Again by Jack Finney

A Canticle For Leibowitz by Walter M. Miller, Jr.

Alas, Babylon by Pat Frank

Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury

The Restaurant at the End of the Universe by Douglas Adams

There are so many others that I'd love to include, but I decided to only pick those that I already own. I doubt I'll read all six in the next two months, but there's nothing to stop me from continuing with this "experience" and work my way through the list throughout 2008.

Thanks, Carl, for another great reason to make a list.

Now, which one to start with...


  1. So glad you're (not quite) breaking your resolution for the experience! Woo Hoo!!!

    Great list. I really enjoyed I am Legend when I read it a few years back. Canticle is one I want to read sometime. I just bought a copy of Dandelion Wine to read for this experience a few days ago! Time and Again is a favorite.


  2. Better you than I, honey. :<)

  3. An interesting list. "Alas babylon" is on of my all time favorite books. It featured an Air Force family and was set in Florida so I really connected with it. Due to this book, I am still a bit obsessed with end of the world stories. Matheson and Bradbury are both great authorrs, although I prefer their short fiction to their novels.

  4. Carl - Woo Hoo is right! I'm very excited about this challenge/experience. I have a couple of books going right now, but hope to finish them off over the weekend so I can dive into one of my Sci-Fi choices. Now to figure out which one! I'm leaning toward I Am Legend while the movie is still fresh in my mind. I know Bookfool/Nancy loved Alas, Babylon, so that might be next. I read Dandelion Wine in 7th grade and absolutely loved it. I've always wanted to re-read it so this is a great reason to do just that. I've heard great things about Time and Again, so that's a definite go. I think Canticle and The Restaurant are the only two that I'm not quite as excited about. But who knows, they may surprise me.

    Thanks again, Carl.

    Nan - LOL! :)

    Lee - Ah, another vote for Alas, Babylon. Definitely going to the top of the stack - well, after I Am Legend. Have you seen the movie? We saw it this weekend. Absolutely loved it!! I can't wait to see it on DVD and watch all the bonus features.


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