January 12, 2008


Every weekend I receive an email of Bookreporter.com's newsletter. I can't remember when I first discovered this informative site, but over the years it's become a part of my weekly routine. I love to read about all the new book releases, occasionally enter a drawing for a basket of books & goodies (as if I really need more books!), read a few author interviews, and if time permits, I click over to Coming Soon: A List of Upcoming Books or Carol Fitzgerald's (Founder/President) entertaining blog. I can also check out the plethora of reading group guides or catch up on the latest author news. Books Into Movies is another useful feature, as is Author Bibliographies (great to keep track of those prolific mystery writers!) and Awards. I can easily spend an hour or two clicking my way around the site, adding more titles to my Amazon Wish List.

Hoping to try out a new Thanksgiving recipe, Carol asked her readers to submit a favorite recipe with a promise to send a book to a selected reader. How could I resist? I sent her my family's favorite potato casserole recipe and guess what? I won! I was stunned to read my name in the November 30th newsletter:

I realize that last week I failed to talk about the recipes that I selected from readers for the holiday. Confession: a neighbor joined us for the holiday at the last moment, pairing her feast with mine, so I had no holes in the menu. That said, I did select two recipes that I am going to try in the upcoming weeks. One is from Dena for an Eggnog Poundcake that sounds great for Christmas morning, and the other is from Lesley for a Potato Casserole. I will get a book out to each of them next week as a thank you. I also appreciate all the other recipes that were shared. I printed them out and will hold them in my "recipes from friends and family" file.

And true to her word, Carol sent not just one, but two fabulous books from my Amazon Wish List! I received a copy of Jennifer Donnelly's The Winter Rose (yahoo!!!) and Richard Russo's Bridge of Sighs. What a wonderful, unexpected treat with which to kick off the New Year. Thank you, Carol (and Bookreporter.com), for your generosity!

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  1. How wonderful--congrats!

  2. Oh, I'm going to have to look into that site. That's great that you got 2 books from your wishlist. Great choices!

  3. Anonymous11:46 AM

    Very nice. You'll have to let me know how you progress in 'Winter Rose'. I'll try 'Tea Rose' first and then see about this one.

    I'll also sign up for the newsletter. I've been winning or just receiving quite a few arcs lately. Various sources. It's fun and H. doesn't get 'that look' when I say they came free!

  4. How great is that!?! :)

    I enjoy that site as well, but I never signed up for the newsletter. BUT...I did now. I'll give it a try. Thanks, Les.

  5. Stephanie1:52 PM

    Free books are the best. Thanks for the link - I've already signed up to get the newsletter!

  6. Congrats! That is so cool. :)

  7. Anonymous5:06 PM

    That is so cool! Congratulations! Who knew your culinary talents would be so beneficial to your bookshelf.


  8. Thanks for posting that, I just signed up for a couple newsletters.

  9. 3m - Thanks!

    Lynne - It's a fun (addictive) site. enjoy!

    Kay - Will do. I may have it read in the next week or two. I know what you mean about all the free books. ;)

    Joy - The newsletters are such an easy way to stay on top of all the latest and greatest. Enjoy!

    Stephanie - Yes, they certainly are! Now to find time to read them!!

    Andi - I thought it was pretty cool, too. You should have seen my reaction when I read my name on the newsletter! ;)

    Jen - Well, it is Val's recipe, after all. And now she's famous. Sort of. ;)

    Lisa - Hope you find them as informative as I have.

  10. Hooray for you! I'm so glad you won your book of choice, not one, but two! In the process, you shared your family recipe and two new books I've never heard of, so I guess it's a winning situation all the way around.

  11. That is so cool! Congrats to you!

  12. I just bought my copy of The Winter Rose. I read The Tea Rose last month and loved it! I can't wait to start the new one. Hope you enjoy it :)

  13. What a wonderful surprise. Can't wait to check out your winning recipe. And thanks for telling us about Bookreporter.com.

  14. Anonymous5:47 PM

    How absolutely cool!!!! I love that you received two books from your wishlist and that you did it with a recipe. I am going to look up said recipe as I love to find new ways to fix potatoes.

    I am so proud for you, Lesley.


  15. Congratulations, Les! Winning books you actually wanted to read makes it really special.

    I'll look into Bookreporter.com, too. I've certainly never won anything because of my subscription to the email version of NYT Book Review.

  16. Bellezza - You'll have to try those potatoes. They are SOOOO good! I'll let you know how i like the books. I'm fairly certain I'll love The Winter Rose since I adored The Tea Rose. Richard Russo's isn't quite as easy to predict. I loved Straight Man and Empire Falls, but I think I only liked Nobody's Fool. Can't remember and I'm too lazy to look through my reviews. I've heard good things about the book, so I'm hoping it's a good read.

    Iliana - Thanks. It's always fun to get free books. :)

    Kirsten - I'm going to post a review of The Tea Rose (from a few years ago) in the coming days. I want to go over some favorite passages and notes before I start in on The Winter Rose. I had wanted to re-read the book, but time just doesn't allow for such a luxury.

    Booklogged - Hope you have lots of fun perusing Bookreporter.com.

    Gayla - I hope you give the recipe a try. It is so very, very good. I always add lots more cheese and sour cream to the original recipe. Good thing I don't make this very often or my arteries would completely shut down.

    Janet - Check it out. Hope you enjoy it. I've found several of the sub-categories/sites very helpful over the years.

  17. Les;

    How very cool to win 2 books from your wish list. I am not a big Russo fan, but I did enjoy the Winter Rose very much, although The Tea Rose was a bit better. Enjoy your reading.

  18. Linda - Glad to hear you enjoyed The Winter Rose. I thought about taking it on my trip, but we're visiting our granddaughter and I suspect there won't be much time to read (other than the flights). It may sound odd, but I want to wait and be able to devote my undivided attention to the book when we get home. I hate to try to read it in "sips & gulps."

  19. Hey thanks!

    I added my email to the mailing list.

  20. Nessie - I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!


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