April 15, 2008

Can It Really Be?

Is winter really over? Is it safe to say we won't see any more of this?

It sure feels like this was the longest winter ever!

I didn't mind the snow (too much), but the ice storm was terrible. Ever been locked out of your car (with it running!) because the doors froze shut while you were trying to warm it up?

Oh, boy! I can finally wear these again!

I'm not sure Annie feels the same about warm weather as I do. She sure loved romping through the snow.

It's currently 76°!! Of course, since this is Nebraska, we also have 55 mph wind gusts. I think there are only three days each year when the wind doesn't blow. But I'll take it. Could be worse. At least it's not blowing snow!


  1. Isn't this the craziest winter/spring ever? Out wind is so fierce the last couple of weeks and I'm growing so tired of it. But we just have a small little patch of snow left on the front lawn. That's not to say it isn't going to snow again.

    Love the pictures of Annie. Especially the one with snow all over her nose.

  2. Anonymous6:54 PM

    I'd say no, it's not over! Yesterday, here in Utah it was 75 degrees, our one and only warm day of the year. Today it SNOWED! It was freezing. Ugghh!!!

  3. LOL! At least Annie enjoyed the snow! :)
    I'm looking forward to Birks-wearing weather too! Soon! It was 21C here today (looks like that's about 70F) but it's already cooled off again a bit tonight as there's more rain forecast.

  4. Ugh! This has been the longest winter. I had to get the down coat and boots out again this past weekend. But today? I left the gym this morning with my shorts on. It's such a strange feeling to have a breeze on my legs - fantastic!

  5. Anonymous4:55 PM

    Here in Spokane the weather man is saying there won't be a whole lot of accumulation this weekend. And here I thought it was finally over.

    I was talking to a Russian woman this morning and she said, "If it's snow in April I might as well be in Ukraine?"


  6. Awww, the Annie is so adorable!!! And we NEVER got one flake of snow in my area of NC the entire winter. Craziness. Although, it's been freezing the last two nights for us (down from the 70s and mid-80s). I had to bring my pepper plants and my new fuschia hanging basket in the house.

  7. Well, that didn't last long! It's currently 43 (windchill at 32!) and it's been raining since last night. At least our grass looks nice and green.

    Booklogged - Yah, that wind is really annoying. I wound up sleeping on the couch in the living room where it was a bit more quiet. Upstairs it sounded like the roof (or siding) was about to fly off. Which reminds me - It's time to get weather radio out, as tornado season is upon us.

    Annie's a silly dog. She'd go out on the deck, dip her nose in the snow and toss it in the air. And then, of course, she'd eat a bunch. Goofy dog!

    Natasha - Your weather sounds like ours. See my first paragraph above. I wouldn't be surprised if we got more snow. It really could happen anytime in the next 2-3 weeks. Thankfully, at this point, it wouldn't stick.

    Nat - Oh, yah! She loves the snow. :) Rain, however, is not something she cares to play in. Well, unless we're on a walk. Then it's me who isn't too thrilled with being out in it. Especially when it's as cold as it was today. Spoiled dog...

    Tara - I wore my down coat today when I walked Annie. I'm glad I haven't taken the flannel sheets off our bed yet. It's cold out!!

    Mary - Accumulation?! Eeek. I don't like to hear that word anytime after February. No wait. I take that back. I don't like it anytime!

    Andi - We think she's pretty cute. Spoiled, but cute.

    Not one single snowflake?!! Amazing! But it did snow in TX. Just not when you were there, right? Craziness, is right.

    Oooh, I love fuschia plants. I had one hanging from our porch eave one summer, but the blossoms kept falling on the porch and someone who shall not be named kept stepping on them and tracking them in the house, leaving pretty pink stains all over the carpet. We'll stick with something a little less colorful this year. ;)

  8. It WAS the longest winter! I love those Birkentsocks in the "Florida" style because the straps are so thin. When my other Birkenstocks wear out, I'll have to get a pair.

    Henry's part Husky so he loved this winter probably more than any of us.

  9. I've never owned any other style of Birkenstocks. I love the look of these for the same reason as you. The ones with the thicker straps look a bit too masculine for my taste.

    It was 79 degrees here today. So long, winter!!! :)


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