April 9, 2008

Wordless Wednesday


  1. I enjoyed sneaking a peak at your bookshelves!

  2. I love her white forefeet! Among other things pictured. I just know she and Henry would have the best time together.

  3. Annie looks so friendly and gentle!

    Course I had to enlarge the first photo to see what you were reading. :)

  4. Awwww, sweet Annie. I'm looking forward to the day that Daisy can sit in my lap without chewing on my book or trying to shred the pages.

  5. I'm nosy too - I had to enlarge the photo to take a closer look at the bookshelves :)
    Cute pics!

  6. Anonymous4:14 PM

    I was going to ask how many other book geeks blew up the picture just to see the titles on the bookshelves, but I see some others have already mentioned it. I was checking the titles out tracking which ones Lesley had receommended to me, which ones I may have recommended to her. And there was "Rocket Boys" by Hickam, the very first book that she got me to read, some 9 years ago. Keep up the good work Les!

  7. I think I need a bigger monitor to read all the book titles, or perhaps new contacts, but dang it, your bookshelf is alphabetized. I feel so disorganized!

    Lovely pictures, though.

    I did notice what looks like a copy of Good Grief on the shelf, so now I'm trying to remember if I've read a review of it here. Actually, the day I bought it at HPB I was trying to remember if I'd read about it here. Guess I'll go search the blog.

  8. I love Annie's 'socks'! They drew my attention more than your tasty bookshelves, believe it or not!

  9. Sorry for the delay, folks. It's been a long week...

    Tara - I had a feeling everyone would take a peek at the bookshelves. That particular bookcase holds the nonfiction books I've already read, as well as a couple of dozen fiction books I've yet to read.

    Bellezza - Aren't they cute paws? :) She is such a sweet dog. I had to run to the grocery store a little while ago and Rod said she sat at the front door, looking at the storm door, whimpering and howling, as if to say, "Where's MOM????" He left a little while after I returned and she just lay on the floor in the kitchen, as I made a marinade for our dinner. No whimpering or howling. Guess I'm the alpha dog in the house. ;)

    Nat - She is a very friendly and gentle! We couldn't have picked a better dog. I took her for a 45-minute walk a little bit ago and she's completely zonked out at the top of the stairs, just outside my "office." I think we'll both sleep well tonight. Nothing like a beautiful afternoon and fresh air. Come on, spring!! (says she who saw flurries yesterday!)

    Heather - Cute AND good. What more could you ask for?

    Andi - That picture of her sitting by me is a bit deceiving. She is far too big to sit in my lap. She doesn't really even like to be up on the couch when I'm on it. But she's a good dog. I'm glad we got her well past the puppy stage. :)

    Iliana - You can be as nosy as you like! I know I do the same whenever someone posts a picture of their home.

    Lee - I can't remember if I recommended All Over But the Shoutin' or if you'd already read it. Those shelves hold all of the nonfiction "keepers" as well as a few fiction TBRs.

    Janet - I can't help it! I've been alphabetizing my books and cds (ok, and my spices) as far back as I can remember. I think it's genetic. Check with my brothers. ;)

    Hmmm, I think I read Good Grief in my pre-blog days. I probably reviewed it in my old book newsletter, though. I'll bet that's where you read about it.

    Bybee - When we first met Annie, her name was Socks. I like the name, but we decided to give her a more personal name when we adopted her.

  10. Oh my gosh, I just read your last response, as I was about to write that I might call her Annie White Sox as a nickname. :<) I just love her. As did the others, I clicked on the photo to see the books, and I wonder what is the one before Lucia, Lucia (one of my personal faves). It has an old fashioned looking woman, I think. I don't remember you telling me you got glasses. :<)

  11. Nan - She's been called Socks, Annie, Little Orphan Annie, Annie-Dog, Annie-Girl and now Annie White Sox. Rod simply calls her Buddy. Every dog, no matter what they're named (or their sex) is "Buddy." :)

    The old book you are referring to is Anna Karenina by Tolstoy.

    I've had reading glasses for several years now. They pretty much live on top of my head during the day at work. I can't bring myself to wear them on a chain around my neck, but I don't need them other than for small print. Keeps the hair out of my face! :)


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