November 8, 2008

Garden Spells

Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen
Contemporary Fiction
2007 Bantam Books
Finished on 10/30/08
Rating: 4/5 (Very Good)

Product Description

In a garden surrounded by a tall fence, tucked away behind a small, quiet house in an even smaller town, is an apple tree that is rumored to bear a very special sort of fruit. In this luminous debut novel, Sarah Addison Allen tells the story of that enchanted tree, and the extraordinary people who tend it.…

The Waverleys have always been a curious family, endowed with peculiar gifts that make them outsiders even in their hometown of Bascom, North Carolina. Even their garden has a reputation, famous for its feisty apple tree that bears prophetic fruit, and its edible flowers, imbued with special powers. Generations of Waverleys tended this garden. Their history was in the soil. But so were their futures.

A successful caterer, Claire Waverley prepares dishes made with her mystical plants—from the nasturtiums that aid in keeping secrets and the pansies that make children thoughtful, to the snapdragons intended to discourage the attentions of her amorous neighbor. Meanwhile, her elderly cousin, Evanelle, is known for distributing unexpected gifts whose uses become uncannily clear. They are the last of the Waverleys—except for Claire’s rebellious sister, Sydney, who fled Bascom the moment she could, abandoning Claire, as their own mother had years before.

When Sydney suddenly returns home with a young daughter of her own, Claire’s quiet life is turned upside down—along with the protective boundary she has so carefully constructed around her heart. Together again in the house they grew up in, Sydney takes stock of all she left behind, as Claire struggles to heal the wounds of the past. And soon the sisters realize they must deal with their common legacy—if they are ever to feel at home in Bascom—or with each other.

Enchanting and heartfelt, this captivating novel is sure to cast a spell with a style all its own…

I remember when this first came out as one of Barnes & Noble's "Recommends" titles. After hearing several mixed reviews from co-workers and bloggers, I put the book on my TBR list, but wasn't overly eager to give it a try, not with all my other books vying for attention. Earlier this year a good friend (who loved the book) sent me a copy, wanting me to experience what she believed was a fabulous read. I added it to my stack of "gift" books with plans to read it within the next month or so. Well, that "month" dragged on much longer than I planned, but on a whim I finally picked it up, ignoring all the ARCs I'd just received. I was immediately drawn into the magic of the story and quickly devoured it between work and home life. I loved the characters and came to care about them, hoping for a happily-ever-after ending. I won't give anything away, but I can say I thoroughly enjoyed the story and plan to read the author's second novel, The Sugar Queen.

Thank you, Gayla, for sending me such a charming book! I'm glad I held off to read it until this past month. It was just the right bit of escapism for a long, stressful month.

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  1. I loved this book. I read both this one and The Sugar Queen and will be anxiously awaiting her third novel. I'm glad you enjoyed it so much too.

  2. Yayyyy! *twirl of happiness*

    I'm so glad you liked this one. And thanks for reminding me that I need to snatch up The Sugar Queen from my library. :D

  3. Anonymous6:31 PM

    loved loved loved loved loved this book--and loved The Sugar Queen as well

  4. I have this book here to read in the next few weeks. I am looking forward to it!

  5. This sounds good, I'll keep an eye out for it. Thanks for stopping by my new blog - I approved your comment, but it seems to have vanished into thin air! Maintaining a blog may be above my tech ablility.

  6. Dar - So, I'm assuming you enjoyed The Sugar Queen just as much as Garden Spells? I'm anxious to give it a read! Thanks for your comment.

    Andi - Me, too!! I was ready for a good read and this one fit the bill perfectly. Not too heavy, yet not cloyingly sappy. 'Tis the season for some brain candy, wouldn't ya say?

    Think Pink Dana - Yay! I'm glad to hear The Sugar Queen is just as good. Now I'm anxious to snag a copy. Thanks for your visit here.

    Marg - You're in for a treat. It's really quite entertaining.

    JoAnn - It is, it is!! Hmmm, wonder where my comment went. Not to worry. I'll be back. :)

  7. Anonymous7:28 AM

    I have hemmed and hawed about this one since it first came out - part of me wants to read it but I'm a wary (and weary!) of books featuring the green witch/wise woman/herbalist scenario. Still, this sounds like an above average read so maybe I will give it a try after all.

  8. I've been wanting to read this book for a long time. A friend offered to loan it to me, so I think I might just do what you did: ignore my pile of ARCs (for a little while) and read this instead!

  9. The Other Lesley - If anything, it's a quick read. You won't have to invest too much time in it if you're not lovin' it. :)

    Avisannschild - Sounds like a good idea. Those ARCs can get a bit overwhelming!

  10. This sounds wonderful, and such a lovely review too. Thanks for bringing it to our attention, Lesley! Another one for my mountainous TBR pile! but it might sneak to the top if I can find it soon...

  11. Susan - Thanks! I think it is a good read for the hectic days of December. Definitely move it to the top of your stacks.

  12. Loved this when I eventually got around to reading it!

    I have linked to your review!

  13. Marg - Thanks for the link. I'm really looking forward to her second novel. Just need to snag a copy to add to my toppling towers! :)


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