September 20, 2009

A Month in Summary - July '09

July was another busy month. We had a wonderful vacation/family reunion in Depoe Bay, Oregon, but as usual, I didn't get much reading in other than on the flights back and forth. It doesn't look like I did much reading at all in July, but one the books I finished in August was actually started in mid-July. I guess it all averages out.

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins (2.5/5)

Blue Water by A. Manette Ansay (4/5)

The Big House by George Howe Colt (DNF)

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Favorite of the month: Blue Water by A. Manette Ansay
Favorite inspiration for blog entry: The Big House by George Howe Colt

Books Read 2
Male Authors 0
Female Authors 2
New-To-Me Authors 1
Epistolary 0
Audio 0
Fiction 2
Nonfiction 0
Historical Fiction 0
Coming-of-Age 0
Classic 0
Poetry 0
Teen 1
Children's 0
Sci-Fi 1
Fantasy 0
Horror 0
Graphic Novel 0
Romance 0
Humor 0
Travel 0
Memoir 0
Biography 0
Short Stories 0
Essays 0
Culinary 0
Mystery/Thriller 0
Re-read 0
Mine 1
Borrowed 1

Note: Only books completed are counted in the above totals with, of course, the exception of the DNF category.


  1. Oh dear. Didn't like Catching Fire. I've been thinking about buying it, so this will put a little damper on my flames.

  2. Debbie - I seem to be in the minority, though. You may wind up loving it, so I wouldn't dismiss it completely. Maybe check it out from the library. Or do a little blog/Google search to see who has raved about it. I know Stephanie has a positive review here.

  3. Well, I bought Catching Fire and the kiddo already read it, so if I hate it I still got my money's worth. Both teenagers (mine and one of our car riders to swimming) loved The Hunger Games. I'll have to loan Catching Fire to A. to see if she likes it as much.

  4. I didn't mind Catching Fire, but I am still not as big of a fan as others are of the series. I will still probably read the third one, though!

  5. Nancy - How did kiddo like Catching Fire (compared to Hunger Games)? Did he think it was just as good? Better? Hmmm. I should see if Amy wants to read these... She's coming home next weekend!! Squeee!

    Kailana - I've certainly read (or quit on!) worse. They're entertaining brain candy, but I could never compare them (or the Twilight series -- or Harry Potter) to the depth and power of The Book Thief. Now that was one fantastic Young Adult book! Still one of the best books I've ever read.


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