November 30, 2009

Mailbox Monday

It's been a couple of months since my last Mailbox Monday posting. I'd really like to start reading the books that are currently stacked all over my house before bringing more in. I've been trying to ignore the incoming ARCs at work, as well as the offers for review copies from authors & publicists. It's tough to remain firm, though, when I have such generous friends (and customers) who are kind enough to keep me stocked in good reading material. ;)

So, what's new on my shelf?

by Heather Gudenkauf

This one came in a box full of birthday and Christmas gifts from my mom. Since it wasn't wrapped, I assumed (correctly) that I didn't need to wait until December to enjoy it. Since I'm home sick, I might just start in on it today. Thanks, Mom!

Looking After Pigeon
by Maud Carol Markson

I won this from Booklogged a few weeks ago. I've read mixed reviews, but am anxious to give it a read. Thanks, Booklogged!

by Hillary Jordan

From the author's website:

This is storytelling at its most indelible — fierce, unflinching and deeply human. Mudbound won the 2006 Bellwether Prize for Fiction, awarded biannually to a first literary novel that addresses issues of social justice.

One of my customers brought this in for me to borrow last week. I think she was returning the favor, as I've loaned her a couple of books (no longer available for purchase through B&N) over the past year or so. I've heard very good things about Jordan's novel and since it's on loan, I'll try to get to it sooner than later!

by Ellen Baker

A friend and former co-worker (from Borders in Fort Worth) sent this to me a couple of weeks ago. I've had my eye on it ever since it first came out. I love that cover! Again, I hope to get to this in the coming weeks. Thanks, Janet!

Well, it looks like I have my December reading mapped out. They all sound like winners, so maybe I'll end the year on a high note.

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  1. I love your photo header on this post! I really enjoyed Keeping the House...looking forward to your thoughts.

  2. Hi Les,

    I enjoyed Mudbound. A teacher I work with gave it to me. I'm anxious to hear what you have to say about it. Love your reviews.

  3. You have two of my favorites of 2010 there! Happy Reading!

  4. Yum! I've heard especially good things about Mudbound, so I'll be curious to read your review when you get around to it.

  5. I thought Keeping the House was good!

  6. Jill - Isn't that a great mailbox?! I wish it were mine. I found the image on Google. Glad to know you enjoyed Keeping the House. I can't wait to read it.

    Janet - It's been a long time! Good to hear from you again. I'm glad to know Mudbound was a winner for you. Looks like you have a new blog? Hope you're feeling well. Keep me posted on your surgery!

    Tara - Which two? And from 2010? Are you time-traveling?? :)

    Andi - Hmm, guess I should read Mudbound first. Lots of praise for this one.

    Alayne - Thanks. Off to check out your post.

    Mary - Ah, another vote for KtH. I may have to flip a coin to see which one I should read first. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Your mailbox has lots of goodies!! I know how hard it is to say "no" to a good read!!

  8. The Weight of Silence was a good read.

  9. I enjoyed Keeping The House. I have Mudbound and The Weight of Silebce on my wishlist. I hope you enjoy them all!

  10. The last two! And I meant 2009! What was I thinking about??

  11. I agree the cover on Keeping House makes me want to read it. Hope you enjoy your books & feel better soon!

  12. great list of books...happy reading.

  13. Staci - Don't they look good?! It is tough to say no. I just need to start getting rid of some that I've read that I don't plan to read a second time. That should free up some space. Meanwhile, I feel like I'm living in my own little library. It's fun to peruse my shelves to see what I want to read next.

    Pam - Good to know! It sounds like all of this are good reads.

    Beth - I hope so, too. Check back later to see how I like The Weight of Silence. It may be one that winds up for grabs once I've finished.

    Tara - I thought so! I'll have to pop back over and re-read your reviews once I've finished.

    Regarding the leap forward, you were probably thinking about some of the challenges for 2010. Hard to believe we're about to finish the first decade of the new century. Seriously! Where has the time gone??

    DCMetroreader - Thanks for stopping by and for the good wishes. I was feeling better last night, but woke up knowing I'd have to stay home from work one more day. Off to fix some tea and pop a couple of Tylenol.

    Serena - Thanks. I'm anxious to get to these four. I see you're reading Holly's Inbox (saw it in your sidebar). I just finished it a couple of days ago. I have mixed feelings about it.

  14. Enjoy your new books. Looking forward to MUDBOUND myself.

  15. It's so hard to say "no" to books but I'm enjoying my empty mailbox -- except for the fact that getting the mail has become boring (bills, ads, bills, catalogs . . . ugh). You got some good ones. I've heard nothing but good about Mudbound.

  16. Those all look good, especially Keeping the House! Enjoy.

  17. Diane - I may need to flip a coin to decide which of these gems to read first. I'm leaning toward Mudbound...

    Nancy - I've been getting a lot more catalogs than I used to. Must be because I've recently order a few gifts from one or two. I need to sign up for the no junk mail thing again. Or call the companies and have them remove me from their mailing lists.

    Ah, another nudge toward Mudbound. Thanks! :)

    Bermudaonion - Keeping the House and Mudbound seem to be the most favored among the comments here. Decisions, decisions. ;)

  18. Anonymous7:16 PM

    I enjoyed Mudbound, which was a selection for one of our book club's. The mother was a particularly poignant character, but maybe I can just relate to mothers period.

  19. Bellezza - Did your book club have a good discussion with this one? I may put off reading it in case my group chooses it in 2010. I'm interested in the mother now that you've mentioned that she was particularly poignant. I remember reading a Sue Miller book years ago and relating to the mother in the story. I should go back and read it again. It's on my shelf, but the title escapes me.


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