December 1, 2009

Album du Jour

Have I really been listening to this album for 20 years? My husband would say it's been at least an eternity. But then he doesn't really care much for George Winston. He says it sounds like someone's tuning a piano for hours on end. What does he know? ;) I think it's gorgeous, meditative music and it never fails to put me in the holiday spirit.

I'd be hard pressed to choose a favorite track, but since my daughter was born in December (almost 26 years ago!), and I listened to
Pachabel Canon in D major at the end of every "Mommy & Me" prenatal exercise class, I'd have to say Track # 9 is right up there. But then so is the beautiful Joy (known also as Jesus, Joy of Man's Desiring), which my brother used to play on the piano when we were kids. And then, of course, there's The Holly and The Ivy. Simply lovely. Makes me wish I knew how to play the piano.

I notice the 20th Anniversary Edition has two extra tracks (A Christmas Song and Sleep Baby Mine). Hmmm, might be time to invest in an updated album. I'm sure my husband wouldn't mind. This one's getting a bit worn out.

My good friend Nan listens to this every year on the 1st of December. I wonder if she has the new edition? I also wonder if she was listening at the same time as I. I'll bet her husband doesn't roll his eyes when he walks in the room while it's playing. ;)


  1. One of my guilty pleasures is listening to Yanni. I actually think he is even better than George Winston. My favorite on that GW album is Carol of the Bells.

  2. Erin - I know Yanni is popular with a lot of folks, but I don't know if I've ever heard any of his music! I'll have to pop over to YouTube or Amazon and check him out.

    Thanks for stopping by. Do you have a blog?

  3. This is one of my all-time favorite CDs! And yes, I've been listening to it since I was a kid - on a record album, no less. :)

  4. For some reason, I could not open comments on your give-away post. I would like to enter. It looks like a great book. If you liked it, I'm sure I will also. Here's my email:
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  5. Anonymous7:17 PM

    I've never bought this, but I've always been tempted to. I know what Rod means when he says the old piano is being tuned, but there is a deeper quality than that, meditative as you said, that I love.

  6. Carrie - I'm ready to put the Winter Solstice albums on today. They're very good, too. Lots of Windham Hill artists on the two I own. You should check 'em out.

    Bellezza - You should! It's so soothing. I know you'd enjoy it. Don't listen to Rod! :)


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