February 1, 2010

Mailbox Monday

It's been ages since I've participated in Mailbox Monday. I splurged right after Christmas and bought a few new books, but I'll save those for a separate post since, technically, they didn't arrive in my mailbox.

Kitchen Essays by Agnes Jekyll is my very first Persephone Classic! Don't you just love the cover art? I haven't had a chance to start in on this lovely book, but I was thrilled to receive it for my birthday from my dear friend, Bellezza. She knows me so well and this was just the perfect gift. Thanks again, Bellezza!

From the back cover -- 'An enchanting period piece and, in its own quirkily intelligent way, a culinary gem.' ~ Nigella Lawson

Making Toast by Roger Rosenblatt arrived late last week from Ecco Books via Shelf Awareness. I'm going to have to find the right time to read this beautiful little memoir, as I suspect it's one which will tug at my heartstrings with all the familiarity of loss and grief.

From the back cover -- "The blow of the improbable: a highly achieved daughter who is the mother of very young children is tragically struck down in her radiant prime. Husband, children, and grandparents are bereft, and what can come of such a maelstrom of grief? Making Toast, Roger Rosenblatt's piercing account of broken hearts, records how love, hurt, and responsibility can, through antic wit and tenderness, turn a shattered household into a luminous new-made family." ~ Cynthia Ozick

Making Toast will be available for purchase on February 16th.

Mailbox Monday is the place for bloggers to share the books that arrived in their homes last week. For more Mailbox Monday posts, visit Marcia at The Printed Page.

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  1. I added Kitchen Essays to my Wishlist!

  2. Making Toast looks good.

  3. I saw Kitchen Essays on a blog last week and added it to my wish list. I hope you enjoy it : )

  4. Kitchen Essays sounds interesting. I'll have to put it on my wish list. Many of us will be reading Making Toast!

  5. Pam - I wonder which of us will read it first. :)

    Kaye - It does, doesn't it? It's high on my list...right now.

    Mary - I do, too. I love gazing at the beautiful cover!

    Beth - I was surprised so many bloggers had posted about Making Toast. Guess we all follow Shelf Awareness!

  6. I must have totally overlooked Making Toast on Shelf Awareness. That would have been a good one for me, I think. I'll have to add it to the wishlist. Amy of Life by Candlelight wrote a wonderful review of it.

  7. Nancy - I think it was only due to the cute tea kettle on the table (and the pretty green cabinet) that caught my attention on Shelf Awareness. From there I went on to read the blurb and knew it was a book for me. Hits really close to home.

    I popped over to check out Amy's review but decided to hold off reading it until I've read the book and written my own review. I hate to accidentally say the same thing, ya know?


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