April 6, 2011

Coming Attractions

by Mary Doria Russell
Due out on May 3, 2011

From Mary's blog:

At this very moment, sitting on my desk, just to my left, there is an unopened Fed Ex package containing a copy of Doc, almost warm from the printing press. I’ve worked hard on all my novels, but I have not loved a book so much since The Sparrow. I have not loved a character so much since Emilio Sandoz. If anything, I love John Henry Holliday more.

In a recent interview, John Connelly remarked, “Obviously it is different to write about, say, the real Doc Holliday than about an imaginary Jesuit in space like Emilio Sandoz. How does writing about a historical figure compare to writing about a fictional one?”

“Well,” I answered, “as terribly as I treated Emilio Sandoz in The Sparrow, I was able to bring his crisis of faith to some resolution. At the end of Children of God, Emilio has gotten past his anger and bitterness. He has learned to put his pain to work on behalf of others. [Spoiler removed] I could leave him with the prospect of a contented and useful old age.

“John Henry Holliday spent 15 years – his entire adult life – dying of a debilitating and painful disease. Nothing I wrote could change that.

“It comes down to this: John Henry Holliday didn’t have a mother to love him when he was grown, so I have taken him for my own. I couldn’t give him a better life or a longer one. So I’ve told the story of a single season of happiness – the summer of 1878 – when he felt well enough to resume the practice of a profession that gave him great satisfaction in a place where he made a few good friends. I have tried to win him the compassion and respect I think he deserves.”

I've read all of Mary's novels and I'm very excited about her upcoming release. The Sparrow is my favorite, but I have a feeling this one is going to be a winner, too.

You can preorder a copy of Doc here.

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  1. If you're gushing over this one then it's one I have to read. Now I need to refresh my memory of Sparrow!!

  2. Anonymous11:13 AM

    I'm excited about this book although I'm not much of a "western" lover. However, I have always been fascinated by the Gunfight at the OK Corral event and I'll take a look at this book about Doc Holliday. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Anonymous12:04 PM

    This looks really good. I'll have to make it a point to read it. Maybe I'll get a copy for my Dad.


  4. Love the cover and the sound of this one!

  5. I loved Thread of Grace and liked Dreamers of the Day! I need to get back to reading Russell, especially The Sparrow, which I intended to read, but somehow never did. Then I'll move on to Doc, such a fascinating character. Can't wait to see how Russell handles him!

  6. Staci - I love Mary's novels, so I suspect this one will be excellent.

    Did you read The Sparrow? I've read it a couple of times and loved it just as much the second time as the first. Sure do wish someone would make the movie!

    Kay - I'm not a big western lover either, but this sounds compelling.

    Jen - Might make a good Father's Day present for your dad.

    Diane - I agree. The cover art is lovely!

    Jenclair - Oh, you really need to pick up The Sparrow. It's my favorite of all of her books.

  7. I've only read her book The Sparrow but really would like to read more. At the time I read The Sparrow I think I wasn't really prepared to read something so different. At first I thought I didn't like the book at all but frankly it was because it was so unsettling. Despite having read it so long ago I can still remember quite a bit of it so that's gotta mean something!

  8. Iliana - I still remember quite a bit from The Sparrow. Dreamers of the Day was very good. I really enjoyed A Thread of Grace, but more so after I finished than during. Does that ever happen to you? It's as if it grows on me after finishing and letting it settle in my memory.

    Hope all is well in TX. I'm behind in my blog visits and hope to catch up with you later in the week.

  9. I love her and cannot wait for this book. My favorite is still The Sparrow.

  10. I still have not read The Sparrow yet. It's on my list and I have you down as the person who recommended it. Now I need to get busy and read it because this one sounds great too,

  11. Katya - If this was written by anyone other than MDR, I doubt I'd give it a second glance. However, I love her writing and can not wait to dive into this book! Like you, my favorite is still The Sparrow.

    SuziQ - Oh, oh, oh!!! You have to move it to the top of your list, ASAP!! Everyone I've ever recommended The Sparrow to has wound up loving it. Yes, get busy, woman!! :)

  12. I have The Sparrow on my iPod, but just haven't gotten the bug to actually listen to it yet. And, I have several of her other books on my TBR shelves. Maybe I'll start with this one - the latest and the greatest. :)

  13. Joy - Hope you get the bug to read The Sparrow soon!! It's soooo good!! I can still picture so many of the scenes and characters. Sigh.


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