April 10, 2011


Fun board game!

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  1. Wendy Heinle2:12 PM

    Is this similar to Dominos?

  2. Or dominoes for people who can't count? :)

  3. Actually, it looks like fun. It also looks like it might be a good one to play with kids?

  4. Wendy - I've only played Dominoes once, so I can't really say yes or no. You build on the existing hands, like dominoes. You can only have a "run" of six tiles, either all the same color (but no repeating shapes) or all the same shapes (but no repeating color).

    Janet - Exactly! ;) It's a lot of fun. And very addictive. Perfect for all ages since you don't have to know how to read or be particularly sober. ;)

  5. Never heard of this game before...

  6. Another similar one, in card game format is Set. Any set of three found w/in an array of 12 cards (out for all to see) which have either everything in common or nothing in common (pattern, color, shape) makes a set. Good for all ages. Makes your brain stretch.

    Who is with the dog? Looking an awful lot like Nate....

  7. This looks like a lot of fun!!!

  8. I love playing games, but we don't play as much anymore. I've played this one and others similar. Set was mentioned above and I love that, too.

  9. Kailana - I only learned about it maybe two years ago. Great fun!

    Jill - We have Set, too. Another fun one is Rummikub. I'll bet your boys would love it.

    That's Scott with the dog. Good friend and a former co-worker of Rod's. He does look like Nate, doesn't he?!

    Staci - It is! I was able to handsell quite a few at work this past Christmas season.

    Joy - I need to dig Set out and see if anyone will play next time we have friends over for dinner and games. I still love Mah Jong and Trivial Pursuit, though.


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