September 9, 2017

Escape Travel Trailer - Interior

I have more pictures to share from our "shakedown cruise", but I thought I'd show you some shots of the interior. This is a 19 foot Escape trailer and while it's cozy, it doesn't feel too crowded as long as we can manage to keep the clutter at bay. There are lots of storage lockers and drawer space, so I think it will suit us just fine. Until we decide to go full-time, that is!

Note all the essentials: Avocados, bourbon and wine. Oh, and a kitchen window, which was an upgrade.

The folding counter extension is great, as long as we remember to ensure that the brackets are locked in place. We broke a coffee cup and a bourbon glass (thankfully, they were empty!). The laptop survived. We added a small microwave, which we've only used to heat water for coffee. I'm sure it will eventually come in handy .

In addition to our Coleman camp stove, we have a very nice 2-burner cooktop with a fold-down cover (for additional prep space). We'll use it when it's too cold or rainy to be outside. The sink has a cover, which helps create more prep space in the galley. 

The u-shape dinette is very comfortable and provides us with an additional sleeping space, if need be. There is lots of natural light thanks to all the windows. They're tinted, but they still let in a lot of light. There is storage underneath the seats, but we'll probably only use what's accessible near the trailer door. There's a separate screen door, which is wonderful for ventilation and natural light. 

We upgraded to the 6.0 cubic foot refrigerator. Plenty of space with a large freezer up above. The wardrobe/closet has a mirror, which you see reflecting the stove and monitor panel (for the holding tank levels and battery strength indicator). Below the drawer is a 12,000 BTU furnace and a carbon monoxide/smoke detector.

I added an extension rod in the wet bath so we have a place to hang our toiletry bags. We plan to use the campground showers as much as possible and only use this shower set up when absolutely necessary. It's not very big!

There's a fairly large medicine cabinet (with the mirror) that I hope is watertight. Also, a power vent.

True queen-size bed (8" coil spring plush mattress) with windows on three sides. Very comfortable, but not easy to make up or climb out of (if you're on the far side). There are three LED lights and two LED captain's reading lights. The lockers above the bed are very spacious and held all of our clothes for the week. The side windows open and provide plenty of fresh air. One of the windows is an emergency exit window. 

We added extra 12V/USB outlets near the bed and kitchen so we can charge our phones, Nook and iPad. There is lots of storage under the bed, which we can access from both inside (two doors) and outside (one basement door). 

The pull-down blinds provide privacy and help keep the trailer cooler when there isn't any shade.

In addition to the Maxxfan (not in view), we have a small skylight/hatch. 

I'm not in love with the upholstery, but I can live with it (and our old, ugly green comforter) for a while. I'll just add some fun throw pillows to make it feel more homey. 

A fun dishtowel or two doesn't hurt, either.

Click on the photos for a larger view of the image.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Kathy! We think so!

  2. Cool! It was fun peeking inside your new travel home!

    1. Thanks, Nancy! Click on the Escape Trailer label and you'll see more from our travels.

  3. I could live there! You picked a perfect camper, I think.

    1. Deb, it really is perfect. Plenty of room for stretching out with a good book or jumping on the computer to catch up on email/social media. I'm really happy with the galley/kitchen set-up, too.

  4. Gillian1:17 AM

    Looks terrific. Oregon seems to be the place to be. My brother Ron and his family live in Salem, my grandson and his family live in Springfield and my friend from high school Vickie lives in Portland.Would love to too.

  5. I see great adventures in your future! Your camper is great and looks like everything is set up so well.. you even have reading lights!

  6. Just perfect for the two of you!


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