September 27, 2018

Tonopah & Pahrump, NV

Monday, September 10, 2018
Tonopah to Pahrump, Nevada
Distance: 173 miles
Campground: Wine Ridge RV Resort & Cottages
Cost per Night: $35
Duration: 2 nights
Weather: Hot (97!) and sunny

The benefit of waking up early.

Probably the least desirable RV park, thus far.

Not a terrible view, in spite of the gravel parking lot.

Another long, boring drive through the desert. There is so little to look at, so the time passed very slowly. We saw a couple of donkeys (or maybe they were burros), but other than that, not much in the way of wildlife. The empty landscape was occasionally filled with yucca trees (Joshua trees) and some small cacti.

Lunch break. No crowds. No waiting.

We were so bored, we started to pay attention to all the semi trucks as they flew past us. We couldn't get over how many Sherwin-Williams trucks we saw. Far more than FedEx, UPS and Amazon!

The RV resort is at the edge of Pahrump, with mountains to both the east and west. We got settled and got the A/C going. This park has 2 pools, a horseshoe pit, pickleball, a club house, RV wash area, laundry, fire rings, a fitness center, and a vineyard with free wine tasting. We had very good WiFi, but uploads and streaming weren't allowed.


Another gravel RV park, but at least this one has trees.

Pretty evening glow on the mountains.
(I think these are the Spring Mountains)

Another pretty sunset.

I would love to know what this is.

There were so many stars out, so we used an app to see what we were looking at. Very cool! We saw Mars, Saturn, Venus, and, of course, the moon. 


  1. I wonder if there was a Sherwin Williams factory near there. The Wine Ridge RV park looks really nice!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Kathy, it looks like there's a distribution center in Reno. That explains it!

    The Wine Ridge RV Park is very nice. We would have like to have been on the outer edge of the loop, but for two nights our site wasn't bad. I could see spending a few extra days there just relaxing in the sun and, maybe, washing the RV. It needs it after almost a month of travel! :)

  3. Best guess on your mystery plant: Texas sage (not a real sage)

    1. Thanks, Ryan. It seems to be the consensus!

  4. I think that plant is sage maybe.

  5. That is indeed what we call 'purple sage' or 'Texas sage'. You see it all over the place in our area and one of my daughter's friends went to Purple Sage Elementary School here in the Austin area. I liked that RV Park with all the pools, etc.

    1. Kay, I Googled it and that's what it looks like. We found this particular shrub in Nevada, but I guess it's the same thing.

      I do love an RV park with pools! :)

  6. I can see how the desert landscape could get monotonous after a awhile. Yesterday on I-15 north of Las Vegas, we saw our first ever TRIPLE tractor trailer! Had no idea they could even do that!

    Visited Lake Meade National Recreation Area, the Hoover Dam, and we did end up going to Valley of Fire. It was way too hot there to do any real hiking, but it was beautiful. The red rocks reminded me of Garden of the Gods in CO. :)

    1. JoAnn, oh yeah! We had a few of those trip tractor trailers pass us! Crazy!

      I'm so glad you guys got to Valley of Fire. If we ever get out there, we'll time it for a cooler month, if that even exists in Nevada. :)

      Love seeing your pictures, too!


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