August 12, 2019

San Luis Obispo, CA

Thursday and Friday, October 18 & 19, 2018
Santa Paula to San Luis Obispo, California
George & Merry's
Distance: 154 miles
Duration: 2 nights

The following morning we made our way over to Hwy. 101, which was an easy drive even with the heavy traffic through Santa Barbara. It was a beautiful day for a drive and it was especially nice to see the ocean once again. When we were in San Diego, we never once made it to the beach! All our visits with family and friends were either inland or near downtown. 

Highway 101
Of course I had America's song
(Ventura Highway) in my head the entire time.

 Love these hills!

Time for a nightcap.

We planned our stop-over in San Luis Obispo in order to spend a couple of days catching up with Rod's childhood friend George, whom he has known since junior high school. George and Merry have a lovely piece of land nestled near some gentle, rolling hills just east of SLO. We were able to park our RV behind their house, overlooking their fruit orchard and the hills. 

After breakfast, I took a long walk on a nearby country road, which was very peaceful. I think I only saw one or two cars the entire hour I was walking. George recruited Rod to help him pick figs, which he was going to sell the following morning at the farmers market. More friends arrived later that afternoon and we had a good time catching up over a delicious meal prepared by George and Merry. 

Looking back and George and Merry's house.

Quiet road for a long walk.

Love those Steinbeck hills!

Creepy turkey vultures.


Beautiful views.

Picking figs.

Buddies for 50 years!

Once again, I didn't take very many pictures. I meant to get a group photo, but didn't remember until it was too late.


  1. Those hills - just beautiful! Were some of the figs saved for the delicious meal? I love figs!

    1. Iliana, I know! I couldn't stop gazing at those beautiful hills!

      I think they get a lot of figs on their bushes, so I'm sure some were saved. I'm not a big fan, though.

  2. We love visiting SLO—Eric lived there back in the 80s. Wish we still had that property! Sounds like you had a wonderful time with good friends.

    1. Laurel, our time was short and we wanted to catch up with our friends, but next time I hope to do a little exploring around town.


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