April 24, 2021

Blue Horses


2014 Penguin Books
Finished on April 18, 2021
Rating: 4/5 (Very Good)

Publisher's Blurb:

In this stunning collection of new poems, Mary Oliver returns to the imagery that has defined her life’s work, describing with wonder both the everyday and the unaffected beauty of nature.

Herons, sparrows, owls, and kingfishers flit across the page in meditations on love, artistry, and impermanence. Whether considering a bird’s nest, the seeming patience of oak trees, or the artworks of Franz Marc, Oliver reminds us of the transformative power of attention and how much can be contained within the smallest moments.

At its heart, Blue Horses asks what it means to truly belong to this world, to live in it attuned to all its changes. Humorous, gentle, and always honest, Oliver is a visionary of the natural world.

Blue Horses is the third collection of Mary Oliver's poems that I chose to read for National Poetry Month. This volume contains 38 poems, five of which I enjoyed and plan to share at a later date on this blog. Those titles are:
Such Silence
Watering the Stones
Franz Marc's Blue Horses
The Oak Tree Loves Patience
What Gorgeous Thing

It's a joy to simply flip through this book and read one of the poems to see if it sparks inspiration or brings me a sense of peace. I have read and reread many of Oliver's poems and I'm sure others will speak to me when I read this book next year.


  1. I always enjoy Mary Oliver's poetry, but what a wonderful cover introduces this latest volume! It is interesting to see which poems speak to us and when they decide to do so...not always on the first reading. I look forward to your five choices!

    1. Jenclair, the cover art is so beautiful and she includes a poem (Franz Marc's Blue Horses) that I marked as a favorite. I may lead my poetry posts with that one.

  2. I sure need some inspiration right now. Floundering a bit. I always thing poetry is not my thing until I read it.

    1. Ti, I'm not a huge fan of poetry, but I do enjoy Mary Oliver's poems. Ted Kooser is another poet I enjoy reading.

      I need to hop over to your blog and catch up. I've been away from my computer for several days!

  3. The title poem is one of my favorites of Mary Oliver's.

    1. Deb, isn't that a great poem?! I recently finished Dog Songs and am sad to say that I didn't care for it nearly as well as the others (of hers) that I read this month.

  4. I love how accessible her poems are and they always make me pay more attention to nature. I definitely will be looking forward to reading more about your favorites!

    1. Iliana, yes! They really do make one pay attention to nature and our beautiful world.


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