November 13, 2007

A Month In Review - October

A few winners and a couple of duds. Guess it could be worse. I just wish I were reading more. There are so many books out there I want to read and there simply aren't enough hours in the day!

Click on the titles to read my reviews.

Naked In Death by J.D. Robb (4/5)
A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray (2/5)
Everything's Eventual by Stephen King (DNF)
Lottery by Patricia Wood (4.75/5)
Here If You Need Me by Kate Braestrup (4/5)

Favorite of the Month: Lottery!

Books Read 4
Male Authors 0
Female Authors 4
New-To-Me Authors 4
Across the Borders 0
Fiction 3
Nonfiction 1
Classic 0
Poetry 0
Young Adult 1
Sci-Fi 0
Fantasy 1
Horror 0
Humor 0
Travel 0
Culinary 0
Mystery/Thriller 1
Series 1
Re-read 0
Challenge 1
Mine 2
Library 2
Gift 0
Keeper 2

Note: Only books completed are counted in the above totals with, of course, the exception of the DNF category.


  1. Anonymous2:30 PM

    I really liked LOTTERY too - one of my favorites this year.

  2. I can relate to not enough time for what one wants to read. I just erased a totally bitchy comment because I've forced myself to complete The Attack tonight for one of my Book Clubs, and I've about had it with Muslim/angst literature. Oops, here I go again. When I calm down I can respond more appropriately. Suffice it to say, I wish there were more hours in a day as well. For books I love.

  3. If I had more time, I'd probably spend much of it blogging. I need to blog less and read more. I do enjoy watching some favorite shows while I blog. I'm adding Lottery to my TBR list. Thanks for that suggestion, Les.

  4. Hi there,
    Just discovered your blog. Very nice. Ii agree that one never has enough time to read the good books. Although my blog is not about books some posts are. Check out my library for some good books to read if you have time to surf by.

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  6. Les,

    I just have to share with before I dash out of Burger King (yes, seriously, the only place I can locate a decent wireless connection). Guess what I got on the way to OK? My first speeding ticket. Whatcha think of that? I really empathize with you now, babe. LOL

    And, I have no idea what one does about a speeding ticket. I guess I need to place a call to Louisiana.

    If you have time, please write to me at bookfoolery at yahoo dot com. I can't check in often (gotta go home and feed the mother, now, so I'll have to shut it down) but I'm anxious to hear from friends.

    Hugs to ya.

  7. Lynne - I've got it on my staff recommendation endcap at work. Looking forward to selling lots of copies this holiday season!

    Bellezza - I think I'm just spoiled. When I was a nanny to my two nieces, I was able to read while they napped (anywhere between 2-3 hours!), plus an hour or so in the evening. Now I'm lucky if I can squeeze an hour in before I fall asleep each night. Between work and blogging, there's not much time leftover.

    Booklogged - I hear ya! I've cut back on my blog-hopping quite a bit this past month. Decided I can't visit so many and continue to read for pleasure so I've shortened my list of favorites (in Firefox - I still have lots in my blogroll on my blog) and try not to spend too much time on the computer. We'll see how it goes. I've already added a couple of new blogs to my bookmarks today. Sigh.

    Hope you enjoy Lottery as much as I did!

    Mindful Mimi - Thanks for stopping by with your comment. I'll pop over and take a look at yours.

    Nancy - Isn't WiFi great?! What in the world did we do before all this great technology? Probably read more books! ;)

    Sorry to hear about your speeding ticket. I have to admit, I've become much more aware of how fast I'm driving now. I used to just keep up with the traffic, but now I hang back and try to stay as close to the limit as possible. It's amazing how few people do.

    Take care. I'll be in touch.


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