April 2, 2024

A Month in Summary - March 2024

Little Whale Cove
Depoe Bay, Oregon
March 2024

I don't know about all of you, but I am so happy it's finally spring! I love the longer days and while we'll still see some rain for the next few months, it won't be as often as during the winter. I hope! 

It was a busy month, but I managed to get back into a good routine of going to yoga three times a week, as well as playing pickleball at least once a week. Now that the weather has improved, I hope to return to my daily walks.

My reading has been going very well. I reread two novels, continued with a favorite mystery series, started a new series, read a memoir that's been lurking on a shelf for a couple of decades (!!), read a recent release, and was spellbound by a great suspense novel. No complaints about any of these!

Books Read (click on the title for my review):

The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski (4/5) - reread

The Benefit of Hindsight by Susan Hill (4/5)

The Samurai's Garden by Gail Tsukiyama (4/5) - reread

Day by Michael Cunningham (3/5)

The Stonecutter by Camilla Lackberg (4/5)

Under the Tuscan Sun by Frances Mayes (4/5)

The Plot by Jean Hanff Korelitz (4.5/5)

Movies & TV Series:

Leave the World Behind - I read this book (on audio) in 2022 and enjoyed it, but I'd forgotten some of the details until I started watching the movie on Netflix. I really like it! Ethan Hawke was great, as were the rest of the cast. The ending was just as ambiguous as the the one in the novel, but a small departure from the book. 

You Are What You Eat: A Twin Experiment - I enjoyed this documentary series, but came away from it the same as I did after watching What the Health. Basically, cherry-picked stats to support a pro-vegan lifestyle, which should be taken with a grain of salt.

We Are the World: The Story Behind the Song - An enjoyable documentary featuring some of the great voices from the 80s. 

American Symphony - I went into this knowing nothing about either Jon Batiste or his wife, Suleika Jaouad. Apparently, I've been living under a rock. Worthwhile documentary about the creative genius of Batiste and his wife's battle with cancer.

MI-5 (Season Six) - Love this series! It gets a little convoluted with each new episode, but I enjoyed it and am eager to watch the next season.

Deadwind (Season One) - Entertaining police drama set in Finland. There are twelve episodes in the first season, so we'll take a break between seasons and get back to the show later this summer. 



We are getting ready to head out in the RV for a trip down the coast to the Bay Area. I'm hopeful that we'll leave the rainy weather behind us in Oregon. I'm ready to break out my shorts and flip flops!

Other News:

We bought a new car! Rod has always wanted to own another sports car (we've owned a Karmann Ghia, Porsche 356C, MG Midget, MGA, Miata, and a Mini Cooper) so we decided to get a 2023 Mazda Miata (which is now called an MX-5). It is SO much fun! My brother was in town for the weekend and the weather couldn't have been nicer. Mark and Rod had a good time cruising around with the top down. Two cool dudes!


  1. I don't know where to start on what I love about your summary posts! The puzzles are fantastic and since reading your review about Leave the World Behind I requested the book. Can't wait to see if our library gets the movie.
    It's nice to be back to book blogging again and I "shoplifted" a version of your summary format on my blog....coming up will be a March roundup.
    NICE car!!!

    1. I so appreciate your comment, Tina! I have composing these monthly summaries and am glad they are so well-recieved! I'm glad you're back to book blogging and I'm eager to see your March round-up. Flattered that you "shoplifted" my version. :) Yes, it is a very nice car. I love driving it up and down our coast, running errands. I don't think we've ever had a car with six gears. I love a manual/standard vehicle! Vrooooom!

  2. Nice car for sure and I'm laughing that it is a convertible - in your rainy area? Ha! I do know that when you guys get the sun it is indeed beautiful and going up and down the coast would be fun. Hope you two have a nice road trip!

    1. Lol! It does have a water-tight top, so we can even drive it in our rainy months. ;) And yes, as you know, we do get sunshine pretty much from May to October. It rained last night, but the sun's out right now, so I'm going to get a walk in while I can.

  3. Oooh, nice car!! We had a 2015 Lexus convertible that we both loved, but it did not survive Hurricane Ian. My husband had to get another convertible with the insurance money, but of course it ended up costing a LOT more now! It does make him happy though...

    You had a great reading month, too! I was especially pleased to see your thoughts on The Plot, since I'll be reading it within the next few months.

    Glad you've gotten into a good routine with yoga and pickleball... hope the weather improves enough for walks again soon. I'm back to shorter walks again, at last. Enjoy your April travels!!

    1. JoAnne, did your husband get another Lexus or a different make & model? Convertibles are so much fun to drive. Not so easy to get in & out of, but it's good for our quads. ;)

      Yoga & pickleball are on the backburner for the next three weeks since we're on the road (left yesterday), but I brought along two sets of free weights, so I'm hoping to keep up with my strength trainings. It's true that muscle burns fat, as I've dropped 6 lbs. since Christmas. Trying to keep osteoporosis at bay...

  4. Looks like a fun & fast car! Many good shows here. We loved MI-5 back in the day and also enjoyed Leave the World Behind -- creepy fun. We have yet to see American Symphony since we don't have Netflix at the moment, but it looks like a winner. You had a great reading month in March, many long reads too. We are trying the Sawtelle audio on our trip! Have you left for your road trip? We are almost to the Vegas area. So warm so far. Enjoy your trip.

    1. It's a fun little car, Susan. As I mentioned to JoAnn, it's a good workout for our quads since it's a little low to the ground, which makes it a little bit of a challenge to get in & out of. ;) I hope you've enjoyed the Sawtelle audio. It is a long one! We left on our roadtrip yesterday and are in our first campground for thee nights. The sun is shining, so I'm hoping it will be a dry day! Still chilly, though. Glad we brought our down comforter!

  5. It sounds like you had a great reading month. Lately I have found myself rereading more books than usual for me, and I've enjoyed everything I've been rereading. I think rereading may be the way to go for me right now.

    What a car! I've never had a sports car, but I do hope I have one before I leave this earth. Maybe we will rent something fun on our next trip!

    1. Deb, I've been really happy with my reading so far this year. Lots of good books! I forgot to bring something for a re-read on our trip, but maybe when we get home, I'll start one of my old favorites.

      The Miata is great fun to drive. I hope you get to drive one someday. I love driving a manual stickshift. Vrooom!


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